Peace Collective

What is Peace Collective?

Peace Collective is a lifestyle brand that enables Canadians to show pride in who they are and where they come from. It was born after founder, Yanal wore his first Toronto vs. Everybody t-shirt to a Raptors game back in 2014. Since then, Peace Collective has become a go-to destination, allowing individuals to celebrate and express their authentic selves.

Business Goals

  • Capitalize on the growing popularity of the Peace Collective brand to drive sales
  • Raise awareness of our 1:1 model; every purchase provides 5 school meals to a child in need
  • Improve campaign efficiency to improve ROAS

Our Approach

  • Activate audience pools using lookalike and custom audiences based on a combination of user behaviour and past purchase data to show the right product at the right time
  • Launch Google Search ads to capture high intent customers and drive conversion
  • Utilize panoramas and videos to improve CTR on mobile placements including Feed and Stories



ROAS using Search ads to drive purchases


Increase YoY in Black Friday Revenue


Increase YoY in Site Traffic from Instagram and Facebook