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All You Need To Know About How Hushpuppi Became Rich


For over a long period of time, Hushpuppi has been the big man in the whole of Dubai due to his riches and expensive lifestyle. Many are those who wish to know the source of his riches or be like him for just a day.

In this article, we are going to walk you through the life of the rich man Ray Hushppupi, the Nigerian baron living life in Malaysia and Dubai.

Ray Hushpuppi was born in Nigeria on 14th June under the name Raymond Igbalodely. His peers and fans prefer calling him Aja Puppi, Aja 4. Born and the popularly known “Hushpuppi”. The spotlight fell on him after he moved from his home country Nigeria to Malaysia where he became rich without anyone noticing. No one has a a clue on how the young black man made his money to earn him a seat at the high end of the millionaires and billionaires table.

He became popular in the social media world due to how he constantly clouds his instagram page with the meanest and hottest pictures of himself in his expensive apartment, plush hotels, private jet, luxurious cars, expensive clothes stores and that it is to it to compliment his life. His followers took delight in viewing his photos as they picked inspiration from him. The idea of him showing off on social media contributed to people prying into his affairs and asking questions on how comes by money to acquire all the expensive things in the world.

Ray pays little attention to what people think of him and how he came by all that money he is enjoying today. All he does is acquires his heart desire and flaunt it on social. There have been speculations going round in the middle circle that he is into scamming, gambling, investing, brotherhood(occult), and a whole lot more but the magnate gives less attention to these speculations.

Months ago he was rumored to be worth $20 million but looking at his current state of living and his latest Rolls Royce Cullinan, Ray would be worth more than $20 million. You’d agree with me that Ray is richer than most African and popular international artistes thus why most of them started throwing shots at him back then, challenging him to put out his papers to tell the legality of his business and riches.

He may seem controversial in reality but has the heart of a King as he is fond of giving regardless of the connection you have with him. He attracts good vibes and positive energy. It’s no surprise that he changed a man’s life on Instagram one morning after he was trolled for praying for him to continue to be rich when the man in question was poor. This kind gesture filled the heart of his followers and the man.

Ray has been the people’s choice when it comes to influencing, advising and encouraging the youth. Many Nigerian youth look up to him for motivation and encouragement. His respect and humanity precedes him. It is not known how he made his money and most of you may still argue that he made his money through foul means but look on the bright side of life, the man is just a hustler, living his life and rising by lifting others on the way.